My Community of Creatives

Thanks to the pleasantries of being a performing artist and media personality for years, I get invites to all kinds of stuff, all the time. Yesterday was especially lovely, because I got to see a preview of the highly-anticipated Disney/Marvel film, BLACK PANTHER.

Don't worry: this isn't a review and I'm not posting any spoilers either.

One of the coolest parts of the entire experience happened before the film started rolling. As people were coming in and taking their seats, all I had to do was look around me at the creative collective and give thanks for the positive influence they've been in my life. Fellow broadcasters, the only Black female comic book owner in the country, programming directors for cultural orgs, a certified star comic book artist, an acclaimed fine artist, filmmakers, critics and flat-out fans.

And yes, we gasped, swooned and laughed loudly at the action on the screen. Yes, a group of us gathered to record a podcast with our immediate reactions to the film just after it let out. Yes, a smaller group of us grabbed a bite and talked about the highs and lows of acting on our talents and living in our purpose. Such beautiful sharing! Such inspirational exchanges! Sometimes I forget how necessary it is to make time to "check in" with folks regularly. Because that intimacy of sharing, coupled with seeing & hearing work that is extremely well-done, is the fuel that keeps the gears moving. It's the inspiration all creatives need to keep contributing to the collective body of excellence, in our own unique ways.

So, on this Valentine's Day 2018, I am showing love to the entire community of creatives who hug me, ask for references and recaps, who genuinely want to hear and see more of what I do, and look forward to whatever the next biggest and best project is that we can delight in, together.