The Creative Endeavors Of Stephanie Renee

Renaissance Woman

Stephanie Renée


Stephanie Renée considers music to be her first language. Her parents met singing together in a sacred music ensemble, so her childhood home was full of mellifluous sounds and she was carted off to rehearsals and performances with regularity. It is no wonder that, even as a young child, Stephanie wanted in on the action herself.

After scoring her own television as a prize in a baby talent show, her parents also handed down the family’s older stereo set for her personal use, and that began a lifelong immersion into the arts.



She likes to think of herself as SYNTHESIS…the act of fusing distinct entities to a new, unique creation.

Throughout her formal education and professional career, Stephanie has taken on almost every challenge to enhance her skills and expand her repertoire. From marching band and chorus to musical theater to a cappella musical director/arranger/producer and front woman for electric, jazz, house and soul bands, Stephanie’s goal is to destroy the separation between musical classifications and distinguish herself as a talent to be reckoned with.

Stephanie briefly set aside her musical pursuits after being offered an on-air position with WURD Radio, the only independent black talk radio station in the state of Pennsylvania. For six-and-a-half years, she served as the station’s Program Director and became a beloved presence on the airwaves with her show The MOJO, helping build organizational partnerships and directing staff to produce original editorial content. In October 2018, Stephanie resigned her position to get back to focusing on her own creative interests full-time.

Stephanie Renée…bringing it all together and loving every minute of it.

SYNTHESIS, indeed!


“Take it from me that this latest release (“Love Is Key”) from Jellybean’s Soul imprint is the real deal. Stephanie Renée‘s stunningly soulful vocal delivery immediately captures your attention while Marlon D’s pumping grooves are all up for the party. And to cap it all, the words, as the title suggests, actually say something positive and meaningful. This is what you might refer to as Spiritual House Music and is all the more powerful for it. Excellent. 5/5

/  Greg Fenton, Update Magazine  /