A Bit of a Mess

Where does the time go?

I honestly had no idea that it's been three months since I've written a note for you guys. I was doing really well, and then--as is my way--life happens and I get caught up and swept away again. But my distraction, if you will, has been well-warranted this time.

For the full details on my big BIG project, you'll need to visit my nonprofit site, www.Soul-Sanctuary.net. But the short version is that I'll be curating my very first visual art exhibit this summer: a collection of photos from my late great-uncle Maurice Sorrell. In the realm of passion projects, this one has been a very long time coming. And as 2018 is the 20th commemoration of his passing, this seemed to be an ideal time to show some images via a live event and invite people into the world he captured with his lens.

Besides that, I've been fully caught up in the exercise of rewriting my professional life. Much less talk radio, much more of the creative endeavors that bring me my greatest joy. And, of course, figuring out how to still pay my bills and earn a decent living. Not an easy balancing act, believe me. But I've got several more tracks coming out with Steal Vybe, awaiting word on a few grant projects for which I'll be a collaborator, continuing with my genealogical research and other things still in the formative stages. Sitting around idle is something I don't quite know how to do.

So if I seem a little scattered and more offbeat than usual, understand that this is a temporary situation. I'm getting my money and my mind right, and committed to refreshing my portfolio with all kinds of goodness.

More news soon, I promise.