State Your Intentions

Here at the start of the new year, I've got some life reorganizing to do. But I am staking my claim on success, from the gate.

Those of us who try and fully engage our creative endeavors while also working a full-time job are often caught between a rock and a hard place. There is something to be said for knowing that your bills can get paid and some money is always within reach, but figuring out how to divide your focus between working toward someone else's goals and working for your own is NOT easy! And then there is the Pull of Priorities...balancing the effort you're expending to be worthy of that regular check, but still trying to save some energy and mental/emotional bandwidth to build your personal goals as well.

I have learned that The Universe often steps in to intervene on your behalf when you are too tied up with the values involved to make a call. And so it is for me, transitioning back to less working for someone else and more for myself. And, while I am goal-setting and prioritizing and such, I am voicing my desires for this new era in my life: on paper, in meetings and to whoever is willing to help me build. Being vulnerable and open is hard work, but that's the only way the new and improved can come in to replace the old, tired and worn-out.

So, expect to see a whole new level of creativity and productivity from me in short order. And I am really, REALLY trying to get back out on the road and sing live. My stint in Singapore was a decade ago (gasp!) and there are too many folks around the world who buy my music, but have never had a chance to come to a venue and hear my do my thing. May 2018 change that dynamic is a big way!