This Is What I Do!

I am truly grateful to the folks who have enjoyed hearing me sing and perform poetry over the years. You all are serious motivators!

During my recent and prolonged spate of gigs where I serve as panel moderator or speaker, inevitably I will be greeted by someone who asks, "Got any live performances coming up?" The compliment is implied, but heartfelt. All this talking stuff is cool, missy, but you've got more to offer than that. Get at it.

Truth is: putting on live performances at this stage of the game is a complex proposition. While I've been working a day job in talk radio and recording new music as time permits, the guys who've been in my band over the years have been working their own professional survival plans. Some touring and recording with other artists. Some hustling their own 9-to-5s to make ends meet. And some in transition, making the decision to change locations and carve out their own eclectic visions of what success and financial well-being looks like. Not to mention the folks who've started or expanded their families, adding a more hectic personal dynamic to the mix. That can make accepting gigs, scheduling rehearsals and playing for a live audience seemingly impossible.

But I have not abandoned the dream.

Right now, it is a LOT easier to work out vocal ideas in the studio than on stage. So as 2018 starts drawing to a close, you will see the fruits of that labor in a series of new releases that I worked on over the past year. Scheduling for the studio is so much simpler. Set a date, spend several hours arranging and belting out vocal lines, and then I leave the producers and engineers to finalize the track. And believe me when I say there are a few songs that have been in the can for a MINUTE that will finally see the light of day over the next few months.

There really is nothing like making music, live on stage, with a capable group of musicians. I do miss it, and would like to get back to that part of my repertoire at some point. But, for now, I hope you'll support the recorded work. Appreciate the love and energy that the producers and I have poured into it. I also love to see you in the audience when I'm doing my hosting/interviewing/journalistic thing. It's all various ingredients in one flavorful package. Wholesome and good for you.

Just save room for dessert!