Embracing The What Next

Today is Monday, October 22. It is the first day of my new trajectory, after resigning from my day job as of sign-off on my radio show last Friday afternoon.

It was time.

I gradually shared the news over the previous two weeks on all of my social media, and some of the reactions I received from people were surprising. The most notable was a tweet I got from a listener who asked, “Was it really that bad?”

That, friends, is an interesting question, and it says a LOT about how society teaches us to measure our success.

I may, eventually, share more details about how the nature of my position deteriorated over the past year. And yes, that certainly was a catalyst for me deciding to leave the station, even without a definitive day job to slide into in the transition. But, the REAL story is that a career change should never need to be predicated by things becoming unbearable where you currently earn your keep.

Somehow, in the quest to prepare our children and ourselves for long-term happiness and success, we seem to neglect the conversations that say one’s happiness and vision should be the biggest motivating factors for the decisions we make about love, life and professional development. In asking me “Was it really that bad,” that person did not at all seem to embrace the idea that my growth and responsibilities in any position could be the push coming to shove for me to leave and elevate.

I am not built to be the long-suffering chick. And I certainly can’t suffer in silence.

Life doesn’t have to swirl down into the abyss for us to know that it’s time to make a change.

I need both better AND different. More. More joy, more challenges, more salary, more opportunities to solve issues and amplify my gifts and messages. Just…MORE. And I decided to go for that goal before I lost the nerve and motivation to make it happen.

So y’all go listen to some of my music, buy some stuff, make a donation to Soul Sanctuary. Support me in this move to go grab my more. I promise to share the wealth and the resources as things become manifest. And understand that I was overdue to put myself in a better position to make that happen.

It wasn’t “that bad.” But I’m that good. Trust.