In the Business of Doing

Hey folks! Sorry that I haven't posted since just before my birthday. Life has a way of throwing a burlap sack over your head and carrying you off to places unknown.

As 2017 comes to a close, I have made peace with the idea that I really have to turn up my output. I have enjoyed seeing a lot of my friends enjoy incredible successes this year, but I've been coasting. That is not to say that things like relaunching this website, my podcast for Soul Sanctuary (and site redesign), and other accomplishments haven't been gratifying. They have! But I've got plenty more personal goals that deserve far more of my sweat equity. And I really need to find more time to make them happen.

My buddy Eric Roberson once said during an interview, "There are plenty of talented cats out there. You can find talent on any street corner and in every church on Sunday. It's not about how great you are. It's about what you FINISH!" That, right there, is wisdom, folks. And I intend to heed it.

Not ready to announce too much just yet, but with musical releases already on the books for early 2018, I'm also figuring out how to get back to some passion projects that have languished. Stage, screen and all up in your headphones. I'm at it. I'm on it!