Something Like A Phenomenon

Hey friends! Popping in quickly to let you know about a few updates.

Google Thyself
People think I am nuts when I tell them that I search for my name every few months, just so I can see what's out there to see about my music and reputation. Today, I updated my Artist Profile on Spotify and found out that there is a compilation album featuring the Todd Terry In-House Acid Mix of my song "High," produced by Steal Vybe. If I didn't look up this stuff from time to time, I would never get all of the writer's royalties and recognition that is due me. Note to any of you aspiring performers and recording artists out there: don't just be sensitive about your shit! Stay on top of your credits too.

New Music Coming
I have a short list of the artists and producers that I want to record with before my days are done, and I have a vocal collaboration appearig on the next Steal Vybe album that checks off one of my goals. KENNY BOBIEN!! We weren't in the studio together, unfortunately, but our voices will dance together on a track titled "Music Makes Me High" in early 2018. So get those pennies ready, my friends. And talk to your promoter buddies about bringing our live show to a venue near you.