Reaching Toward Reconciliation

Last week, I was compelled to share some of that “insider” stuff that artists are often encouraged to be wary of making public to fans and friends. But I think that if we are being authentic with the people that support us, every now and then it’s incredibly important to let people know that your path isn’t all balloons and rainbows.

So…the latest edition of my blog series on Medium, The DNA Journey, is about getting another close match on my paternal side from my 23andMe testing, and hoping that perhaps it could be a first step at repairing my often-strained relationship with my older sister. After reading the piece, she did reach out to me publicly, so at least I know that my sharing reached the right ears. What happens from here is unknown, but telling your truth is so very necessary.

If you’re interested in jumping in to the story, here’s the link:

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