Dancing in the Whirlwind

Hey people! Been very busy and haven’t kept up with my promised blogging. My bad!

Got so many good things going this month. Realized how much I missed being behind the camera after shooting still shots for my buddy/client V Shayne Frederick at his recent recording session. My documentarian came out in full blast. Being patient while things develop around me. Waiting for moments to shoot and capture. Seeing small things in the midst of bigger activities. I loved it!

This Friday, I’m headed to Sankofa Freedom Academy to do a presentation based on the PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY exhibit I curated, based on my late uncle Maurice Sorrell’s catalogue. I’ll be preaching the gospel of photojournalism, preserving archives, and media literacy and culture. Gotta raise these young’uns up to have respect for the work behind the technology of selfies and social media.

And on Oct 20, I get back on the mic with drama, poetry and celebration! Haven’t been an active working spoken word artist in a minute, so it’ll be good to dust off some of my faves, pay tribute to Ntozake Shange, and collaborate creatively in real time.

All blessings.

All opportunities to learn and grow.

Feels GOOD!