Hitting the Reset Button

Hey folks! Time for a quick recap about where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Spring 2019 has me hitting the ground running on creating some new momentum in my personal life and career. Musically, I’m excited that remixes of my tracks “Imperial Theme” and “It’s Real” have gotten some really great early feedback and DJ charting. I have missed performing live and touring, so may this good word-of-mouth rumble be the first step in getting me back out to share music with the people.

My fragile curly locs have also been through the ringer over the past year, so I’m planning to get my mane chopped sometime soon and let my hair do some rebuilding of its own. I’ll be sure to post some pictures here and on my IG page when the ‘do is done.

It may be hard to tell from any of the pics I’ve posted recently, but I’ve also lost a good clip of weight in the past year. Great for my overall health, but hell on my wardrobe. I need a few good contracts and gigs just to buy some new clothes that fit! So y’all make sure that you head to the media page and buy those new remix singles, OK?? Every little bit helps.

Basically, I just wanted to let you know that I am in a hopeful space these days. Still have a ways to go to reshape my career in ways that will make it more sustaining and able to create opportunities for myself and others, but I know I can get there with effort and talent. Events of the past had me questioning that a bit, but I’m back in a state of gratitude, grace, and go-get-it-ness.

Please help hold me accountable to keep building and getting better.