Forks In the Road

Hey 2019! Even though we’re pretty early in our acquaintance, I want to thank you for your insistent pull for me to be fully present in this moment. Awareness is really going to help me navigate places and spaces in the immediate future.

As I’ve shared with you all in many of my posts last year, I was living out of scale with my reality. I didn’t create the condition, but it was my responsibility to respond to it as a conscientious adult. I did that somewhat, but still left too much of my “recovery” to chance. And, moving into the new year, some unavoidable adjustments had to be made.

I don’t think I’m alone in being raised to tough things out. When you have access to resources, a decent education, and lots of talents and skills, the line you are often given is that adversity is temporary. If you just ride things out for a while, the storm will pass and you’ll be able to proceed with your plan in its original form. I think I’m finally able to see through that faulty logic and embrace a new paradigm: when the X factors set upon you, set upon a new path.

There is no dishonor in resetting a goal or objective when the conditions present do not support their success. I enjoyed living in a house, but when my income got cut in half, it didn’t make logical or financial sense to try and stay. Downsizing while I decide if I want to buy a house in the area or make a much larger move to a new location is the smart move, the better move. And while my expenses would benefit from not having a car payment or insurance right now, having the flexibility of a vehicle while I work out some of my other matters is pretty important. There is no universal answer to any of the changes I’m embracing in my life these days. There is only review, assessment, and adjustment. And trust that my presence—my conscious commitment to these decisions—will lead me to the prosperity and happiness that I know is on my horizon.

Wish that this blog was more about all of my creative ideas, upcoming releases and such. And I will get back to that type of sharing eventually. But for now, I’m embracing my practical self. My true ride-or-die nature. Because losing is not an option.

Standing at the fork in the road, I’m going with my gut and a healthy dose of analysis, but leaving room for the pleasantly unexpected and the delightfully innovative to join me on the journey.