Begin Again

Friends and fans, this has been a journey. For real.

Last year, I bought a WordPress template with the full intention of redesigning my site then. But I quickly came to realize that what I had purchased was really not going to work for what I needed, and then time and other projects came and took over my attention.

Now here we are, in the year of our Lord Two Thousand Seventeen, and I am JUST getting around to this long overdue refresh and renew. But there was no way I was going to walk into another Libra season or light another candle on a cake without making this happen.

So here we are: a while new look and functionality, new photos, a new blog, and new music on the way. I'll whoop and hollar electronically about that in my next post. Thanks for checking in, and now I can promise you that things are on the come up with new content regularly. Be sure to shoot me an email or post a message on social media letting me know what you think.