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Nice words from good people about the work...

“Within the span of two months, The MOJO has launched Renée as a media voice to be reckoned with…” Bobbi Booker, The Philadelphia Tribune

“enjoyed the EP…the vibe was mellow…really dug the ‘razzamatazz’ rework!” “this sampler is dope. Seriously. This is SOULFUL.”

“If any1 says u’ve heard a richer, more funktastic cover of Razzmatazz than my hermana’s @StefRenee u straight up lyin” 

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“Just wanted to let you know that our show is back for a summer season, and on tonight’s debut episode we aired your track You Can’t Win. I was a big fan of the track, the harmonies were tight, and the soulful gospel style really shone. The live sound was much different than many of the studio tracks that we often play, and it didn’t sound as ‘big,’ but I think that a highly produced sound would not be faithful to the style of the song. Nice work and thank you so much for the submission!” Brendan McCann, Host – The Voice Box on WUNH

“Stephanie Renée poses sounds that are full of respected vibes, intriguing words, and elements of eclectic rhythms on her release, TUNING FORKED TONGUE. The tracks bring you into the world of womanhood and life and will wake up your spirit with her operatically clear voice. “Fuel For The Flame” is one of our favorites, and one to look out for…with beat boxing backgrounds and smooth tranquil vibrations, the entire album brings a fuse of jazzy up-lifting, spoken word, soulful beats, and pure harmony.” Ericka Taylor, Editor-In-Chief –

“And then, storming onto the stage like a bolt from the blue, came our super-ultra-mega feature (insert triumphant music here)… Stephanie Renée! Deflecting slam trappings with the magical bracelets on both of her arms and effectively circling the globe to reverse time and take us to an era when poetry was about love and the singing of praises. In true superhero fashion, Stephanie even took on a sidekick, our own Shodekeh, aka Kid Beatbox, who accompanied her beautifully on her last two pieces. Thank you, Stephanie, for rescuing us all from complacency and artlessness!” Delrica Andrews – Slamicide

“Take it from me that this latest release from Jellybean’s Soul imprint is the real deal. Stephanie Renée‘s stunning soulful vocal delivery immediately captures your attention while Marlon D’s pumping grooves is all up for the party. And to cap it all the words, as the title suggests, actually say something positive and meaningful. This is what you might refer to as Spiritual House Music and is all the more powerful for it. Halo & Jamie Thinnes then provide the remix that takes matters deeper, though no less devastating, with equally pounding beats and a soaring synth solo. Excellent. 5/5″ Greg Fenton – Update Magazine

“It’s like this. Phyllis Hyman has been reincarnated and she’s going by the name of Stef Renée. So now that I’ve heard the Queen of the Philly Scene blow, I feel obligated to spend the next few weeks worshipping at the altar of her magnificent voice.” Taalam Acey

“Maybe you know this poet/songstress from Wednesday nights at South Street Blues’ hot open mic jam packed backed by a live band. Yes, that’s Miss Stephanie…when (she) takes the mic, the fixation begins.” Aine Doley – Philadelphia City Paper

“Fantastic first release, four-track EP from New Jersey producers Chris Forman & Damon Bennett. This is a real treat with four strong tunes but two standouts. ‘After Hours’ is a gorgeous affair with a sublime vocal from Stephanie Renée and jazzy flute floating over a smooth, soulful groove. ‘Sueño’ has a tougher beat, jazzy keys and a vocal stab. Beautiful and soulful stuff, kinda reminiscent of Blaze. Get out and support this!” Steve Parr

“If you can visualize the vibrancy and energy of black sunshine personified and captured within human confines, you have a cogent representation of the cutting-edge poetic songstress Stephanie Renée…She doesn’t just put words in your ears, she puts thoughts in your head…where you view the issues, topics and facts of life from a new funkier vantage point.” Marc Alexander – Buttafinga

“…Prison life changed once the first sister started to speak. Her voice captured our attention; for some of us, our knees felt weak. Her deep but soft voice echoed all through the auditorium walls. And into our hearts. The songbird that is she shined through. Freeing our minds and tearing the prison walls apart. Standing ovations, whistles, screams, ohhhs and ahhhs were all you could hear.” Lee “Blame” Fox – Writer Blocks

“I just heard Stephanie Renée‘s sound clips and I was quite impressed. Stephanie, you have a lot of soul with you, and I apologize for not knowing sooner :)!” Ryan Fleming –

“Our feature – Stephanie Renée from Philly (originally from DC) had the entire room enveloped around her. She began with beautiful, soulful song and had the entire coffeehouse looking up from their laptops and school books. Stef is just so amazing that I find it hard to write about how good she is…only because any words would seem trite and meaningless compared to her wonderful work. If you missed her, definitely visit her website and find out where she will be next!” Janna Tanner – Roadhouse Poetry Series