The Creative Endeavors Of Stephanie Renee

Our feature – Stephanie Renée from Philly (originally from DC) had the entire room enveloped around her. She began with beautiful, soulful song and had the entire coffeehouse looking up from their laptops and school books. Stef is just so amazing that I find it hard to write about how good she is…only because any words would seem trite and meaningless compared to her wonderful work. If you missed her, definitely visit her website and find out where she will be next!

/  Janna Tanner – Roadhouse Poetry Series  /


And then, storming onto the stage like a bolt from the blue, came our super-ultra-mega feature (insert triumphant music here)… Stephanie Renée! Deflecting slam trappings with the magical bracelets on both of her arms and effectively circling the globe to reverse time and take us to an era when poetry was about love and the singing of praises. In true superhero fashion, Stephanie even took on a sidekick, our own Shodekeh, aka Kid Beatbox, who accompanied her beautifully on her last two pieces. Thank you, Stephanie, for rescuing us all from complacency and artlessness!

/  Delrica Andrews, Slamicide  /


Just wanted to let you know that our show is back for a summer season, and on tonight’s debut episode we aired your track You Can’t Win. I was a big fan of the track, the harmonies were tight, and the soulful gospel style really shone. The live sound was much different than many of the studio tracks that we often play, and it didn’t sound as ‘big,’ but I think that a highly produced sound would not be faithful to the style of the song. Nice work and thank you so much for the submission!

/  Brendon McCann - Host, The Voice Box (WUNH)  /


It’s like this. Phyllis Hyman has been reincarnated and she’s going by the name of Stef Renée. So now that I’ve heard the Queen of the Philly Scene blow, I feel obligated to spend the next few weeks worshipping at the altar of her magnificent voice.

/  Taalam acey  /